Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Top 10

With having an iTunes account and an iPod since 2004, I have a pretty extensive music collection.  BUT there are some songs that I skip ahead, hoping that my iPod will randomly choose to play it.  That being said, today's Top 10 list consists of the songs I could listen to over and over and over and over again on repeat and the songs that I skip ahead hoping to land on:

1.Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden, and that link you just clicked on is my FAVORITE way to hear it.  I can't help but laugh until I cry.  Can't explain it, its just awesome.  AND Savage Garden is my all-time fave band.  I could listen to both of their albums on repeat, which I do in my car.
2.Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes I love this song because sometimes words fail and sometimes words seem to not be enough to express how I feel so I try to say what I mean with the utmost sincerity, especially to those whom I love.
3.The Wind Beneath My Wings sung by Bette Midler It reminds me of my mom, she loved Bette Midler and we used to love to watch Beaches.  I actually sung the song at a concert in High School, by myself, for my mom who couldn't be there because she was sick.
4.Holes in the Floor of Heaven by Steve Warriner  It was played at my mom's funeral and most days I listen to it and smile.  I also listen to it if I need a good hearty cry.
5.I'm Yours by Jason Mraz  Its fun and light-hearted.  Some of my sorority sisters and I road-tripped from Truman to UNI for one of his concerts, my freshman year of college. One of the best road-trips ever.
6.You're Beautiful by Phil Whickam We sang this song, in church, on the 10 year anniversary of the day my mom died.  I cried when we got to the last verse, bawled my eyes out.  I loved this song before that day but I love it even more.  Listen to the last verse and you'll understand why.
7.I'll be There for You by Bon Jovi  It needs to be played exceedingly LOUD and with a hairbrush in hand as do all Bon Jovi songs but I like this one the best.  Yep, its awesome!
8.Crash and Burn by Savage Garden I'm going to express my great love for this band again.  When I started running in 2001, all I had were the songs in my head until I thought running to music would be good.  My first running CD was Savage Garden's Affirmation.  Still awesome a decade later.  This song was at the end of the CD when I was almost done with my run and it was wonderful.  love LOVE love LOVE them.
9.Affirmation by Savage Garden (see #1 and #8 for reasons why I love this band)  This was the first song on my running CD.  My fave line(and being in high school I truly needed this with all the pettiness) "I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul".
10.Cruel to be Kind by Letters to Cleo  Yes, I'm reverting back to my high school self but I love this song and every time it comes on, I'll replay it.

So there you have it ladies and gents.  I have way more faves and top played songs but these are the ones off the top of my head which makes them my ultimate top 10 songs from my 3500+ iTunes list.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Could Name EVERY Blogpost "Random" and it Would be True. Every. Time.

I was reading something the other day and I realized that I am a "perfect" "all or nothin" type person.  What I mean by that is that if I do something I have to do it perfectly and I have to do ALL of it or I won't do it.  Case in point: right now I can't run a marathon so I'm not going to work out at all or I'm not the most "Biblicly" well read person so it doesn't matter if I read my Bible or not.  THIS is what is constantly in my head about a lot of things.  BUT on the other side of the coin(yes, my brain likes to play devil's advocate a lot) for example, cooking.  I am continually cooking aka practicing for the day that (prayerfully and hopefully) I can open the doors of my own restaurant/bakery/coffee shop (any one or all of them would be fantastic). For some reason my head can wrap itself around the fact that owning my own business is a journey and not just a one-time shot in the pan but it can't do that with training for a marathon or being more knowledgeable about the Bible and God's word.  So, you may be wondering where this is all going.  I have figured out the solution: every single moment, of every single day I am going to strive to be faithful in the small things.  I will:
1. Get up when my alarm goes off and TRY not to hit the snooze so I can
2. Get things done and taken care of and ready so I can walk to work which will
3. Give me a good 25-30 minutes of walk time to pray which helps me
4. Be more God-minded throughout my day and also reminds me that
5. I need to read my Bible, whether it be at work during lunch or when I get home helping me
6. Realize that its about the journey, and that's what matters to me.

SO, that's what has been on my mind lately, along with a massive multi-week migraine that needs to take a long walk off of a short pier!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I have been remembering to take more pictures since I got a camera for Christmas.  BUT have yet to download them so here are some from my phone of some random things that have been happening.

I got to watch this little bundle of adorableness this weekend.  Cutest.  Kid. EVER.  Of course I'm super biased since I've known his mom since almost his age AND I was the first person to hold him after he was born(other than his mom and dad of course, I'm not crazy/obsessive)!!!!  I think he's great and who can't love that face!!!!


Yeah, I made that.  I actually took some really good pictures of the process I went through to make it and hey, I might even get them up on here to share.  It's actually pretty easy and it looks pretty too!!!!  Yep, I think I have some skills.  Well, that's my bit-o-random for now!