Friday, July 16, 2010

My Sister- for Cupcake Blog

My sister, Meghan, is 16 months older than me. Still to this day, many people think we are twins eventhough we look nothing alike. Looking back on the last 26 years, there's not one memory that stands out to me when I think of Meghan, there are multiple memories. What does stand out to me is not a single memory but what evokes all of the memories: her charachter. When we were younger, we fought constantly. In middle school and high school I was usually the target of Meghan and her friends' ridicule or witty jokes. Then, on a cold and gloomy day in November 2000, our relationship took a very unexpected turn. Our mom died very suddenly that morning, in our home as my dad was holding her and screaming her name, and as my sister struggled to do CPR to revive her. I rememeber walking downstairs to see what the commotion was all about and Meghan yelled at me to go back to my room. My dad looked at Meghan and told her that from then on, she couldn't cry. He said that she had to be the strong one because he knew I couldn't handle the world that was crashing down around all of us. Meghan, at 17, took that responsibility without question or hesitation. We both became adults right there in that moment, Meghan moreso than I. Through the years after our mom died, Meghan was always there for me. She came home every weekend for the first two years of college, to make sure my dad and I hadn't killed each other. Over Christmas and Spring break she would cook, clean, shop and take care of my dad and I, most often witout any acknowledgement. I ended up at the same college as Meghan where we became even closer, and realized that we might actually be friends! Just like any good friendship, you laugh, you cry, you yell, you console, you encourage, you learn, you grow, and you make each other better just by being there for one another. My life is better simply because I'm Meghan's little sister.

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