Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vegan top 10

I would say I've been 50%(or more) vegan for the last nine months.Read Here for the full story of why.  This month is dedicated to completely purging myself and my house of dairy riddled things and forming new habits where old animal-product-filled ones were.  SO here are my [some] recent and not-so-recent vegan loves:

1.Larabar has the BEST snack bars EVER!!!!!!!  I believe I heard about them on Kath's blog and decided to try them on my trip to SLC last fall.  I started with the chocolate ones but I actually prefer their fruity ones.  Key Lime Pie, Blueberry Muffin(have yet to try, I'm restraining myself because I just OD'd on their CARROT CAKE) I've been waiting to find a place to get carrot cake flavored and I broke and just ended up ordering a variety pack online which had all the flavors I loved and all of the flavors I wanted to try, minus Cinnamon Bun.  LOOOOOOOOOOOVEE them all.  Seriously, and so good for you.

2.Silk Milk  I've actually drank Silk Light Soymilk in Vanilla since I was in college but these days I'm delving into their Unsweetened Almondmilk(for cooking, I had to use vanilla one time in a savory lasagna. Not great.) and their new Coconut Milk which I adore.  I adore anything coconut really but this tastes like liquid icecream, in a really good way!  Have I mentioned that during the holidays they have fun flavors like chocolate mint and PUMPKIN SPICE.  I buy in bulk and freeze them.

3.The best Protein Powder I've had to date - I've mentioned this before.  On my first trip to a Whole Foods, I bought a sample packet of two other protein powders that are EXPENSIVE but I wanted to try them.  I used one this morning and I choked it down because I knew it was good for me and because I paid $3 for that one packet.  I love LOVE the homemade version so much better.  Even without any flavoring or spice, its 10 times better than the two sample flavors I purchased.  I definitely want to try some other flavors mixes with the homemade version(I've used Trader Joe's Hemp protein in vanilla and chocolate and made my own chai spice mix to use in place of the cinnomon, recipe found HERE)

4.Alternative Baking Company has THE BEST Pumpkin Spice vegan cookies I've ever had. EVER.  I've been eating this brand since college.  All of their flavors are PHENOMENAL but of course the pumpkin is divine.  You can get them at HyVee but I pay the extra ten cents and get them at Gateway Market, they're not stale and hard there.

5. VEGAN BLOGS, so I was reading an article posted byLove Veggies and Yoga about the Power of Blogs and its totally true.  I would rather have a regular person review a product or buy a product that a regular person uses rather than a celebrity.  I don't know if I've ever purchased something simply because a celebrity has/uses it.  I have been opened up to a whole new world of cooking and products and ways of eating and simply being healthy.  All of this has helped me come to the decision of being vegan and how to not feel alone because my roommate or my friends are not vegan.  Some blogs I love are Kath Eats Real Food and Daily Garnish and Oh She Glows and The Edible Perspective and Choosing Raw and Veganasaurus and many more.

AND there are many more but for some reason I can't think of what else.  Have fun with all of those links because they're all amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!(or else I wouldn't have put them in here)