Thursday, March 31, 2011


SO, I've mentioned this in a previous post that I was thinking of going Vegan.  For no other reason but to try it and for the health benefits and the expansion to my ever growing culinary mind.  Many of you know that I get/constantly have headaches or migraines and they've gotten significantly worse after doctor's visits and a couple different meds and such and nothing is helping.  I would take 3 excedrine every four hours, and I'm guessing my liver and kidneys cried every time I did that.  WELL I, not realizing what I was doing, was cutting back on my dairy intake and trying to continue on my path of eating healthy and I (while talking with a friend one day) realized that it was dairy that was causing my headaches and the cut back on dairy was coinciding with my lack of headaches.  SOOOOOOO....................(long drawn out pause to keep your interests peaked).............. I'm going vegan.  As of May 1, 2011 I want to be completely vegan.  I have done my research, and cutting out dairy is going to be the hardest part but I'd rather be headache free than eat my beloved block of cheese.  I already verge on vegan and the one thing that was holding me back was cheese, I love cheese.  I'm not saying I might slip, because that would be a lie but I'm more interested in being healthy, headache free and a happier Meredith than some silly label.  I'm also interested in the ethical aspect of being vegan, I'm not going to pour red paint on people who wear fur but I love animals so it all kinda fits together!  AND I don't discredit or think less of anyone who eats/doesn't eat meat, coming from someone who has been all of the labels(vegetarian, meat eater, etc.) its a personal preference and this is mine.  Questions/comments/concerns, throw them my way!

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