Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm an evil genius in the kitchen

I've been told that I'm an evil genius in the kitchen.  The only training I've had is years and years of watching my mom cook(before she passed away) and years and years of a very deep rooted love of cooking.  Above is one of my evil masterpieces!  It's a quad-colored(I'm guessing you know its four layered if it's "quad".  I'm giving you all more credit than the multiple Starbucks employees who have a hard time processing the fact that I want a quad, WHICH MEANS FOUR, shot latte.  But I digress) velvet cake with cream cheese icing and don't for a second think I used a box or a can or that the cake is anything less than Meredith Home-made.  It was freaking good too!!!


  1. Maybe when you say quad they think you're referring to leg muscles lol just a thought.