Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silence is Golden, so I am not

I'm breaking my Blog silence, I guess it's been a busy couple of months.  The Holiday whirlwind of travel/ massive amount of food/time off/shopping/getting the flu, needless to say it has been busy.  Bonus: I got a new camera for Christmas so hopefully there will be more pictures on the Blog, and hopefully I can add some of my older pictures to My Journey to add to the effect!  Some more exciting news: I'm moving! My sister and I are moving back in together into a condo in West Des Moines, just a short jaunt away from my office which is FABULOUS!!!!  I plan on a lot of walks to work!  I'm excited.  Its a three bedroom condo, so plenty of room for guests and family visits.  Although some concerns have been voiced about Meg and I moving back in together, I have prayed about it and I wholeheartedly believe this is a good and positive move for all of us.  I got to see the actual condo last night and I almost peed my pants(good thing the floors are hardwood-easy cleaning:)) It's not extravagant but its exactly what Meg and I were looking for when we were looking to move from the south side apartment together. I have one thing to say: thank goodness its going to be painted, the person who lived there previously must have been color blind, holy cow!  We will be moving the weekend of January 29th and I am super excited, if you couldn't tell!  Well, I guess my life isn't that exciting because that's all I can think of!  I'm excited for 2011, 2010 was awesome and I was blessed far beyond my wildest imagination.  Some recaps of my many blessings:
1. NEW JOB in May!!!!! and a fabulous job it is, I might add.  Every single day I find multiple things to be blessed with and the continued realization that my co-workers are beyond excellent!
2. I moved into a house and OUT of the south side apartment in March
3. Moving again!  (Yes back to an apartment but its a really really good one!)
4. Fantastic co-workers
5. Wonderful friends
6. Phenomenal family
7.Being continuously humbled by the response from my writing
8. NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!! While it was forced upon me but more than one mechanic, I did buy my SECOND car.  Its a nod to the original one, and it has been a weird/emotional transition but I love my new car and wouldn't have loved anything else except that specific one.
9. Business travel.  I loved my trip to Salt Lake City and I'm going back in May 2011 which makes me happy!  It's super pretty and so clean, highly recommended if you're looking for a cool vacay destination.
10.  God's grace, patience, and most importantly my salvation from Him.

There's so much more, and I remember telling Meg on New Years Day 2010 as we drove around Downtown Des Moines, that 2009 kinda sucked but I thought that 2010 was going to be a better year and it was.  It really was.  More than I had hoped/wished/prayed/dreamed, so here's to an even better 2011!!!!!

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