Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Running was something that, along with the Lord's stregnth in me, saved my life after my mom died.  I would run every morning to clear my head of all the emotions that my simple 16 year old mind just couldn't process.  Through the years I lost the "need" for running but still loved it.  Initially I didn't need an end goal for running, it was an ongoing goal of survival with really no clear end in sight.  NOW I finally do have an end goal(13 miles of a goal in 11 weeks) and I feel the same way about running now that I did back then.  Day 1 is done, after a few road bumps.  1.  I tried to run outdoors yesterday afternoon, with a heat index of 112, degrees that is.  I made it a little over a mile, I drove to my sister's apartment that she keeps at a cool 68 degrees and chugged some half frozen gatorade and cooled down.  My body was still burning up when I left 4 hours later.  2. This morning I got to the air conditioned gym( I learned my lesson) late and was worried I wouldn't be ready for work ontime so I stopped at 3 miles.  My goal was 4 but in the last 12 hours I did run 4 miles so I guess it's a semi-good first workout.  I'm a little sore but I realized last night that I am going ot do everything I can to train and be ready, everything else I'm leaving it up to the Lord.  My alarm went off at 4am this morning and I hopped out of bed, shut it off and went back to sleep until a little voice in my head said, " GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED NOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!". So I got up.  I really am a morning person, I'm really trying to find that again!  Some goals/things to remember for the half-marathon training/the race
1. FINISH, the ultimate goal.  It makes me thing about crying of joy when I finally finish.
2. Be disciplined and dilligent in training, no excuses.
3. Don't get mad at myself if there are some road bumps during training.
4. Trust the Lord, another ultimate goal.  He knows my heart and the want that I've had for the goal of running a half marathon.  Let His will be done, not mine. 
5. Have fun.  Remember my love of running and mornings.
6.  Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but its the middle that counts. - Sandara Bullock.  It is a journey and I'm just at the beginning.

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