Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training Update

Two posts in one day, brace yourselves!!!!!   I just had to put this update in here, why, because it's just that good.  SO after a quite disappointing week of training last week, where I was extremely lazy and ran once, I was on fire to get back out there and put my nose to the grindstone.  On Saturday night, our house hosted people to come over and hang out after church.  I was the only roommate there so I stayed awake until everyone left, around 12:30am.  I was pretty exhausted but I was determined to get my lazy butt out of bed Sunday morning and run, and that I did!  6am rolled around and I was up and ready to go.  I had decided to drive to Waukee because they have a fabulous running trail that runs the entire legnth of the town and actually goes into Clive as well.  I was down for a 7 mile run!  I have a tracking device that hooks into my iPod so I know how far I run when I'm not on a treadmill or a track, I started it up and off I went.  I had been running for about a half an hour and I checked my distance because it usually will tell you every mile you go and it hadn't said anything yet.  I hit the button and it said, " 0.09 miles completed".  I don't think I could crawl that slow!!!  So I reset it and started running again but that didn't help.  Then I tried to guestimate my distance by time(time I run on a treadmill and time I run on a road are tw VERY different thing, I foolishly went off of my treadmill time.). I get to where I think it's 3.5 miles and I decide to turn around and finish that last half of my 7 miles.  I think I got a little less than halfway back and I was spent.  I hadn't taken anything with me to drink( big mistake as it was getting really hot really qick.  I think the high was in the 90s that day) and the sun was now beating down on my back.  My stubbornness told me to keep going and my common sense kicked in(thank goodness, it showed up.  It rarely does. ) and told me to call Meg and ask her to come get me.  I didn't know how far I was from my car or how far I had actually gone but I knew I was starting to cramp up and needed fluids fast.  I called her, but kept walking so I wouldn't freak out, hyperventilate and get sick! I ran across the street so she didn't have to stop and pick me up in the middle of traffic on a busy street, I look down to unlace my shoes and let my feet get some air and noticed that my Nike Air Max 360's( the cushioning system in them is basically a big air bag throughout the entire underneath side of the shoe) were totally flat.  I had a literal flat tire of a shoe! I had somehow punctured the airbag and was running on flat shoes!  So needless to say I had to replace my shoes, my tracking device, and I was a little exhausted after my run.  I drove the legnth of what I ran and I think I did get my 7 miles in.  I had run over 4 miles away from my car and Meg picked me up a little over a mile away from my car, I honestly don't think I would have made it back.  I actually thought about running into a a gas station I had passed and try and barter to get something to drink, but alas my moral compass won out!  This week I tried running in another pair of old running shoes while I research new ones and my foot instantly started hurting, SO I gave in and ordered new ones and I had them second day aired and they aren't here yet!  I might have to put off my 5 mile run until Friday.  Postpone, not put off.  Anyway, crazy hectic run aside, I'm trying to remember that it is about the journey of getting there and its about hard work, perserverance, and overcoming obstacles and not about the smooth sailing and easy way of getting there! 

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