Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny Conversation

3:40 PM evmanorand i totally read that entire i am momma blog clear to the beginning.
3:41 PM me: yeah, she's pretty sweet not gonna lie, i'm gonna take some ideas and run
  I'm a follower of her blog now. So i'll get updates
3:42 PM evmanor: and that poor kid in the cute.
 me: her kids are freaking adorable
 evmanor: arent they???
  oh and p.s. yesterday, i saw a short bus and thought of you.
3:44 PM me: you're aweful
3:45 PM evmanor: i saw it turn a corner and all i could see is you in an imaginary helmet trying to lick windows and i lost it. no lie.
3:47 PM me: you are terrible

9 minutes
3:57 PM me: i'm eating thick candy shells
 evmanor: eww, i'm not so much an m&m fan anymore.
 me: why?
 evmanor: dunno, just kinda quit eating them and then i had a few a while ago and was like yick
 me: POPTARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:00 PM so, we goin to west end first though?

5 minutes
4:05 PM evmanor i just want you to read the headline....and think....a.bout waht's coming soon.......winter.....barf.
4:07 PM me: I don't need to read that
4:08 PM evmanor: i figured if i was exposed to that, you should be tooo.
4:11 PM me: you're just not nice, you know that
  you woke up to the mean stick
4:12 PM evmanor: must be the stink of old ppl and human feces in my nose.
4:13 PM me: um, gross
  you need a therapist
4:14 PM evmanor: nah. i need a vacation. (we were on pest control and someone had poo'd their

I'm sorry but you can't NOT laugh at this.  Me(its me, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!) and evmanor is my sister.  We. Are. AWESOME.  Seriously, if you look under "awesome" in the dictionary, you'll see our picture.  

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