Friday, October 8, 2010

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After my whirlwind trip to SLC, UT I came back home and had to begin the hunt for a new car, again. I really tried not to look for anything while I was in SLC because there wasn't much I could do about it until I got back which was late Friday night meaning I couldn't go look until Saturday.  The couple of cars I found while leisurely looking, I inquired about and they had all been sold, again going back to square one.  My car is a Dodge and I was actually trying to stay away from that brand, no particular reason, if you've read my blog you know I love my car to bits but I was looking for something new and different, somewhat outside of my comfort box.  But alas, my sister found a car EXACTLY like the one she just purchased in July of this year.  It was the same year, in my price range, had GREAT mileage on it(better than great, actually.  Almost the same amount of miles that my car had when my parents bought if for me when I was 15.), it was in essence an upgraded version of my car(and I am still not ready to get rid of my car), it has a lot of bells and whistles that I don't need but are really sweet, it drove really well, but it did have one defect.  The dashboard needed replaced so we did some negotiation, my mom always said I would make a great lawyer and I still haven't ruled that out of life options.  Except for a couple road bumps that I'm sure come with purchasing a car, we worked out the logistics and  it will be mine this Saturday!  SO, are you ready to laugh because I think this is, at the least, minorly hilarious: 1. My sister and I will now we driving the EXACT same car(the car I'm trading in is a Dodge Avenger and she got rid of her Chrysler Sebring, essentially the same car but hers was older and gray.  My old one was at least a big color difference: red).  Both of our cars are the exact same year, mine is gray and hers is silver, both have wicked sweet sound systems, mine has an additional security system(that I'm dying to test out when someone is standing next to my car.  Preferably my dad, I owe him for years of scaring the bezezus out of me!), both of us still have our names on out license plates, our mother's innovative thinking that it would stop us from getting pulled over by cops.  Easier for them to remember a name on a plate than numbers and letters which should in tern make us drive slower to prevent this, NOT, well at least in my sister's case.  We've been asked if we were twins for the entirety of our given lives, we're only 16 months apart, but now we'll even look like it when we drive!  Serioulsy, Bobsy twins party of 2! Ok, I think its funny! One MAJOR bonus that I'm trading my car in now is that it still runs and they're giving me WAY too much money for my car's trade in value.  I tried not to act surprised when the salesman told me how much, but I seriously choked a little.  And just to finish off the post, I'm going to make a list of blessings that God has really been showing Himself to me lately.  Everyone in America likes lists:
I'm blessed with/eternally thankful for
1. My parents.  Not many kids get the car they want when they are 15.  I mean not many average, normal kids get the car they picked out sitting in their garage when they get home from school one day.  My dad said he was getting a truck and I opened the garage and it was MY car.  (well they said it was going to be a family car but we all knew it was mine from the second I set eyes on its firey red self.  And who has a 2 door family car anyway, geez dad.) and I will include Nae(my dad's wife) in the parental unit group.  While they started dating when I was 19 and in college, she has to keep my dad in line and still manages to check in and make sure we're doing ok too.  I think they go above and beyond the parental duties at all times without question or hesitation, not many 26 year olds are that lucky and blessed.
2. My sister, while it may seem like we are annoyed with each other, we're actually pretty good friends, I would say.  I don't question why people think we're twins, we're close.
3. My friends, because they're my friends.  I wouldn't have crappy friends, I'm not stupid!  I have wonderful friends, just ask them! They challenge me, teach me, bless me, help me, guide me, comfort me, and make me want to be a better person.
4.  I think its a blessing that God continues to teach me patience and that His plan is way better than I could ever imagine.  I think if I would have forced things, like I usually do, it wouldn't have turned out this great.
5. My attitude, not bragging but I think my general honesty and frankness with people is a blessing.  I got charged for a mechanic looking at my old car and, while I remember a lot, I did not remember him saying it was free or if it would cost anything.  I wasn't happy but I paid it.  Said mechanic went to get my car, realized I had my debit card out to pay the bill and said he remembered telling me he'd assess my car for free and then made the cashier refund my money.  I think it was partly because I had told him that I've been screwed over by two other mechanics in the greater Des Moines area and I wasn't happy with mechanics to begin with when I took my car in.
6. the people I work with, they're just great.  There are so many different personalities, backgrounds, attitudes, demeanors, etc but I really truly do enjoy my job and the people I work with, lunch today was greatly entertaining!

And I'm stopping at 6, why?  because I want to and this is my blog and I'm going to stop writing about my many blessings and go enjoy them!  Until next time America!

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