Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adventurous Cooking

So today was payday and I was making my grocery list out as to what I needed to buy for the next couple weeks and trying to decide exactly what would be on the menu.  I think my menu would definitely be considered adventurous because there are many things that I will be making for the first time and let's jus say, it's going to be interesting.  I made pumpkin and black bean dip for my friends a couple weeks ago and it went over very well!!! A little scepticism at first but all in all, it was great!  So, wanna know what I'll be cooking the next couple of days?  Here goes:

1.Spinach Quinoa salad with cherries and almonds
2. Portobello burgers(Hopefully as good as the ones in the Sub at Truman)
3. twice baked sweat potatoes(vegan style)
4. Pumpkin Chocolate Tirimisu ( I combined a couple desserts that I've concocted before and we'll see how this one turns out, and its for a suprise party! I really hope they don't read this blog!)
5. spicy orange tofu with soba noodles and veggies

How does that sound?  Good to me!  In other news, running has been put on hold INDEFINITELY. This is not a word I like in regards to my running.  My foot had been bothering me so I went to the doctor and the nurse, the xray tec, and the doctor all told me to find another sport!  This will be the third time I've had problems with my foot, twice broken and then this time.  SO, eventhough I feel totally worthless while doing anything but running right now, I have continued my training in the form of cross training(aka riding a bike, lifting weights, etc) Hopefully I can give my food enough of a rest to heal while still getting into shape so I can run even better when the time comes!  I am definitely not giving up on running, not to be super cliche but, you don't give up on something that you love!  The doctor's diagnosis isn't set in stone, I have to see one more and then we'll make a plan from there. 

Funny story: Last night at bible study we were told that it is our bible study's duty to bring pies to the annual Hog Roast that our church hold every year and it was suggested to just go buy them, GASP!!!!!! My mom and Grandpa and Grandma Goodwin would roll over in thier grave and my dad/Nae/Aunt would probably plot my demise if they knew I bought a pie.  Ok, a little dramatic but you get the point.  My grandpa Goodwin and my mom were the ones who taught me to make pie and I dearly love making them SO I was not going to allow anyone to buy any.  I feel very blessed that my friends trust me to make them and I think they're going to come help me too which is exciting!  I'm super excited to get to make 5 pies!  So the lineup here is:
1. Pumpkin
2. Apple
3. Rhubarb Creme
4. Chocolate Silk
5. Key Lime
6. Pumpkin Pecan(made my the lovely Jes)

the Hog Roast is on the 17th at the DTC, all should come!  So, baking will be taking place a couple days before and again, I'm super stoked about getting to do this.  I really love baking things that I know others will greatly enjoy, or at least I hope they will! 

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