Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Grown Up Business Trip

I am currently on my first REAL out of state business trip, I might be a little shocked but its a first!  I just continue to feel so blessed to have this job and everything, just being on this trip is icing on the cake of this job.  I can't express enough how grateful I feel and continuously see/feel God's plan for my life.  I think that is because I waited and prayed for this job for over a year and it exceeds my expectations and needs on a daily basis.  Just for a taste of what I'm blessed/thankful for and get to experience this week.
1. Marble bathroom
2. Hotel Room to myself
3. A new city!( I've been out of the country but I've never been west of Nebraska) Salt Lake City is beautiful
4. The view from my hotel room is fantastic(we're in downtown SLC but I can still see mountains, AWESOME)
5. King sized bed ALL TO MYSELF, not that my queen size bed isn't fantastic but I do enjoy ginormous beds.
6. Hugging people, apparently that is the culture of this company.  We shake hands then we hug, its pretty cool!
7. I love flying and airplanes and I haven't flown since 2006.  Its like being on an extended roller coaster ride!
8. Obama was going through the Des Moines airport today and you would think security would be pretty tight.  I got through the first check point not knowing that I had my co-worker's boarding pass.  I had checked in with it and no one ID'd me.  Props to Des Moines!(I'm more humored by this than anything)
9. ASL is a fantastic language and I really want to learn, I think I'm very fortunate to be in the industry I'm in.
10. Its not a vacation but it feels like it because even being away for a couple hours/knowing I'll be gone for a couple of days makes me very thankful for home and everyone/everything about it!

OK, reading then bed for me, bright and early wake up call for a day full of meetings and lots to learn!

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