Tuesday, September 14, 2010

26 things about me

I believe there was a Facebook thread that was doing this a while ago but in honor of my recent 26th birthday(on August 29, dad.  If you're reading this!) I am going to share 26 things about myself that most people might not know.
1.  I won a talent competition by playing "Amazing Grace" on the piano, now I can barely play the first five notes.  "Amazing Grace" is still and probably will always be one of my favorite songs.
2. I can do the Pee Wee Herman laugh.  You know, the weird, creepy pedophile guy, yeah.  This talent I only whip out when forced.  Funny story, my old roommate's(now) husband and I could both do it so at random times we would start laughing and it would creep my roommate out.  We thought we were HILARIOUS!!!!!
3. I secretly wish I were still in college.  I miss it greatly!
4. I want to pack up and move to Maine.  I think it is beautiful out there.
5.  I enjoy being THAT girl. ( aka Ugg and TNF wearing, SBUX drinking, BBY carrying, eternal sorority girl at heart.) I don't believe my personality fits it though.
6. I'm the jumpiest person you'll ever meet, which my roommates are finding out recently.
7. I hate putting labels on myself but here are some that, for the most part, apply: Follower of Christ, Artist, Writer, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Roommate, Niece, Vegan, Vegetarian, Runner, Boxer, Baker, and the list can go on forever.  Thus the hating of labels.
8. I want to tell people that my sister and I are twins.  It would be a better explanation of our parallel behaviors.
9. My mom used to sing "How Great Thou Art" in church when I was little and every time we sing it at the DTC, I cry but I still love that song.
10. I could sit and listen to someone play the piano or guitar for HOURS, and I'm not exaggerating.   I love listening to those two instruments.
11. I have a wicked extensive memory.  It freaks people out sometimes but I really enjoy remembering memories in such vivid detail.
12. I absolutely LOVE all of my friends in Des Moines, the old, the new and all the in between. I couldn't ask for a better group of friend to surround myself with, and I know I don't tell them that enough so if you read this, you're most likely in that group and I love you!!!
13. I make weird noises/faces at my computer, because I can.
14. Sometimes I'll start talking in a southern/Boston/Jersey/ghetto voice and think nothing of it.  Certain things can be emphasized better in an accent, in my opinion!
15. I really dislike bugs but I feel like its childish for me to scream when I see a bug.
16.  I'm incredibly emotionally attached to my car, long story.
17.  I really enjoy playing with kid's toys. I'm a child at heart.
18. When I think about my "Dream House" the only thing that I can picture is the kitchen.
19. I actually enjoy economics, thanks to Dr. Coggins(even after I failed one of his classes)
20. I find most people greatly intimidating when I first meet them.
21. I'm painfully shy.
22. I love everything about Iowa, weather and all.
23. I'm painfully awkward.
24. I absolutely love how smells evoke my memory.
25. I love watching sports, I dislike playing them.  I prefer individual sports/activities.
26. Just because I don't like eating meat, doesn't mean I don't like cooking it.

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