Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've had a lot of revelations this past week, so many that I thought I needed to document them.
1. I hate dried bananas, they gross me out.  I didn't like them as a kid and my former reaction will still stand as an adult.  I will only eat barely all yellow/some green bananas, nothing more nothing less.
2. Speaking of adult, my adulthood is screaming loud and clear recently.  As the aforementioned blog post stated, I will hopefully/prayerfully be buying a new car sometime in the very near future. I looked, narrowed it down to 4 "likes", set up an excel spreadsheet of all the specs and from there narrowed it down to two that I will test drive in the next couple of days and possibly make a decision from there.  It is so very surreal to me how adult all of this analysis and research is.  I think that would be my job lurking in the back of my head( I analyze a lot of stuff for work).  This is very adult of you Mer.
3. I hate pomegranate seeds.  They are so gross and I can't stand them.  I don't usually meet foods that I don't like but I had to throw my beloved Greek yogurt away because I had purchased pomegranate Greek yogurt and I could not get past the taste/texture.  It's like biting into a flesh pocket with a hard seed in the middle, sick!
4. I like oatmeal made with water.  I used to only eat it made with milk or some kind of milky substance.  Today: not the case.  I didn't have any milky substance at work so I resorted to water because I was craving my homemade instant oatmeal that I had brought for breakfast and hadn't eaten yet.
5. I love nut butter.  Hazlenut, Cashew, Peanut, whatever else I will try in the future I will probably like as well.  and I most certainly like it on my oatmeal too!!!
6. My family is awesome. This is not just a recent revelation but a continuous one!
7. I'm going on my first business trip on Tuesday through Friday night and again with the adulthood kicking in!  This is the first time I've traveled without family or a group from school.  Besides the weekend train ride we took to Portugal from Spain.  6 girls, 8 hours, 1 train car, endless amounts of fun!
8. I will have to part with my dear friend, the '98 Dodge Avenger that I so dearly love.  The one that my mom and dad got for me(well they said it was a family car but we all knew it was mine!) when I was still only 15.  This revelation is somewhat hard to swallow.  Its like realizing a piece of you is leaving forever.  I know I'm being dramatic but seriously, what kid doesn't have a fondness for their first car, and for me to have it for 10+ years, its a special bond!
9. I love my job, again with the continuous revelations but I can't say enough how blessed I am to have it!
10. Josh McDowell is coming back to Des Moines for the THIRD time this weekend!!!!!!  Busy guy but he loves him some Des Moines!  check out for times, it will totally be worth your while!

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